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Ask the Lawyer
Questions people ask. Answers we give.

Our Ask the Lawyer series of questions and answers that we have on our website, provide some brief legal
advice / answers to questions of a legal nature.

The questions and their answers are grouped in sections, according to the area of law in which they belong.

Simply click on the particular area of law in the list below and you can run your eye over the questions listed to see if there is one that relates to a matter relevant to you.

Remember, you can also make an appointment to discuss your question with one of our lawyers.

For most areas of law, the first half hour of the first appointment is free.

If you make an appointment to discuss your question(s), bring in as many of the relevant papers as possible. Chances are we can deal with your matter in the first 30 minutes – so it’s at no cost for you.

•  Wills and Deceased Estates

•  Contested Wills and Estates

•  Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directives

•  Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

•  Injury Claims

•  Public Liability and Injury claims

•  Family Law

•  Commercial and Company Law

•  Civil Litigation

•  Liquor Licensing

•  Police Matters

•  Compulsory Acquisition of property assets and businesses

•  Criminal Matters

•  Migration – visas, application and appeals

•  General Legal Action - Financial Loss claims

•  Property Transfer and Conveyancing

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